Introduction to the geometry of jet spaces and nonlinear differential equations

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June, 29 -  July, 6 
Wisła, Beskid Mountains, Poland
Lectures by Joseph Krasil’shchik, Alexander Verbovetsky​

0. Introduction: smooth manifolds, vector bundles, distributions.

1. Jets of bundles. Nonlinear differential operators.

2. The Cartan distribution.

3. Geometry of the Cartan distribution. Lie transformations. Contact transformations.

4. Lie–Bäcklund Theorem.

5. Nonlinear differential equations. Prolongations. Infinite jets.

6. Evolutionary derivations and higher symmetries.

7. Examples of computation.

8. Applications: integrability of ODEs in quadratures and Lie-Bianchi Theorem.

9. Applications: invariant solutions and solitons.

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