As a part of FUTURUM 2020 Initiative, coordinated by Baltic Institute of Mathematics, under Honorary Patronage of Prof. Jerzy Buzek MEP, togerther with our colleagues from Sweden we organise an event called "Mattefredag" (Mathematical Friday). 

Participants will get a bingo card where markings are made after completing different tasks. When reaching one full row (i.e. bingo!) the participants will receive a prize. The tasks will be spread out in open space and will involve theoretical as well as practical challenges. Some tasks well be incorporated in the environment. The idea is that participants can walk the trail either by themselves or in groups accompanied by a mentor. This event will focus on experiencing math in a fun way in collaboration with others. The main idea of Mattefredag is to show that mathematics is not boring and everyone could find something interesting. Mattefredag makes people talk about mathematics.
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