Winter Camp Futurum 2020

BIM invites you to dive into a magical world of Mathematics, January 6-19  2020.
Mountains + Skiing  + Mathematics!  What can be better?

Winter School for schoolchildren of 5-12th grades* will take place in Wisła (Poland)
at the foot of the Beskid Mountains on the border with the Czech republic.

The most interesting problems and math puzzles are waiting ahead.
We will show where and how math appears in real life. Are you with us?
This year's edition will be focused on a connection between Mathematics and Skiing.

For more details on Futurum STREAM Camps, please follow the link below:

* Provided we get a sufficient number of participants from 1st to 4th grades we would like to invite you to the “1+1″ = Сhild + Parent Winter School.