Lie Pseudo-groups 
and their invariants.

Event Details

August 1-10, 2016  Wisła, Poland

The Tromso University, Norway

The following topics are planning to discuss:

- Lie equations and Lie Pseudo-groups

- The natural algebraicity in geometry of PDEs:
algebraic differential equations and algebraic Pseudo-groups

- Quotients and invariants:
- actions and quotients of algebraic groups:
      Hilbert-Mumford and Rosenlicht theorems
      The role of rational invariants  

- actions of algebraic Pseudo-groups: Lie-Tresse theorem and quotients of differential equations

- Applications to:
differential geometry, differential equations, relativity theory, classical algebraic problems(= differential contra algebraic invariants)

School fee* is 300 EUR
*The fee includes meals, accommodation (2 beds rooms with private bathroom) and lectures.

To apply please send an e-mail to office@baltinmat.eu or fill the registration form
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