MP Sailing Camp


Math & Physics & Sailing Camp

Good news everyone!

This Summer BIM invite you to join our Math & Physics & Sailing (MPS) Camp – where you will learn about sailing, math and physics.

Since people have been interested in getting from one place to another, they have been building boats. The scientific principles that governed early sailing still apply today. Math is an important part of sailing and is used to design stable boats and aerodynamic sails, compensate for currents, and circumnavigate the globe.


We will prove you that Math is awesome!

You will learn water safety, navigation, sail design, tacking, jibing and basic rescue procedures.Campers will sail with two to four per boat under the close supervision of the instructors. Beginners are taught the basics of sailing from rigging and launching to steering and boat-handling to finally sailing solo.

Do you want to know how math shows up in sailing?
The registration is open! It doesn’t matter how old are you. Go sailing with us!

We look forward to having you join us this summer for this amazing event.
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