Summer Camp Futurum 2019

Summer, mountains, math! What can be better?

Do you enjoy math, physics,  and programming?
Join the international children math and physics community BIM.  We invite you to have two unforgettable weeks (5-19, August 2019) in a summer math camp for students of 1-8 grades which takes place in a small Polish town at the foot of the mountains. We also invite students of 1-4 grades (ages 6-11) to our school together with parents.

The most interesting problems and math puzzles as well as twisted origami are waiting ahead. Every one of you can try being a scientist, an engineer or even a film director.

We will show where and how math appears in real life. Are you with us?
This year edition will be focused on a connection between Mathematics and  Artificial Intelligence.

For more details on Futurum STREAM Camps , please follow the link below: