Summer School & Workshop Wisla 19

Wisła, Poland
August 19 – August 29, 2019

The topic of the forthcoming school:
Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, and Mathematical Physics

The speakers will be:

Lychagin Valentin (University of Tromsø, Norway)
How to integrate differential equations.
A survey on various methods of integration nonlinear differential equations based on symmetries, invariants, and differential constrains.

Roubtsov Volodya (University of Angers, France)
Introduction to symplectic and Poisson geometry of integrable systems.
A survey of methods of symplectic and Poisson geometries using to integrate mechanical and Hamiltonian systems.

Slovák Jan (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)
Traktor calculi.
 An elementary introduction based on classical examples to modern invariant differential calculus related to Cartan geometries.

The topic of the forthcoming workshop:
Geometrical methods in nonlinear PDEs and critical phenomena
Scientific committee:
Lychagin Valentin., Laudal Arnfinn., Krasilshchik Joseph., Kushner Alexei.,  Roubtsov Volodya., Slovák Jan., Roulstone Ian.
The workshop is devoted to various geometrical, analytical and asymptotic methods to study solutions of nonlinear PDEs and especially to various critical phenomena such as shock waves, wavefronts, phase transitions etc. 

The ARRIVAL DAY is August 18.
The DEPARTURE DAY is August 29.
Org. Committee: A. Barszcz, R. Kycia, P.Kowalski, E. Schneider, J.Szmit, R.Szymczyk, M.Ulan
Summer School & Workshop Wisla 19 is a registered satellite 
meeting of ICIAM 2019, The International Congress on Industrial and 
Applied Mathematics, to be held at Valencia(Spain),July 15-19,2019.